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Level One:Undulations Unit, Class 3

Updated: Mar 20

Class Review

Great progress! Remember to take small steps when traveling, and keep all the same posture priorities. For the chest shimmy, tying your coin scarf around your chest can give you added feedback on your movement, as you work to relax it and keep it on time with the beat. For the pop-step, remember that it is a tuck and pop out to neutral, avoid hyper extending your back.



Although stories about ancient goddess worship are most likely fantasy, there are a lot of ways bellydance can provide spiritual benefits, along with the mental, emotional, and physical ones that are more apparent.



And a clip of Ansak, a song about reuniting with a lover that you could never forget. There are many instrumental versions of songs that are so classic the audience know the words. It was originally sung by a woman named Om Kalthoom, who has her own museum in Cairo.

There are also rituals where dance & music are used, especially for women, for healing. The Zaar is illegal in Egypt now, due to it's pagan roots, but women who feel the need for it can find ways to hold one.

Bellydance gives us a chance to explore being vulnerable and strong at the same time.

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