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Thursdays,  7-8PM

The Crescent Collective: in the Lakeshore Drive-In Plaza

911 Old Liverpool Rd, NY

Group Improvisation, Fusion Bellydance

With Liz

Learn the basics of Group Improvisational Belly Dance! In this class we’ll learn foundational dance movements inspired by the folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain. Then, we’ll use those movements to dance together in a follow-the-leader improvisational style (no choreographies to memorize!). Beginner-friendly, all levels welcome!

$15 for drop ins, $55 for Monthly Class Pack

Just like learning vocabulary for a new language, this level breaks down movement to build safe technique that will keep you dancing into (or out of) old age. We also get you started on developing your sense of rhythm, building confidence for improvisation, and some of the teachers even gently introduce the iconic finger cymbals! 


veil choreo-cancel.jpg

6:30 - 7:30 pm EST,

POSTPONED due to covid variants

Vintage Vibes Veil Choreography

With Lisa Lumina

A choreography to Feirouz's Ya Mayla. Not only will students learn a choreography, with the option to perform in the outdoor summer student recital (assuming covid variants don't become a problem), but we'll also cover the nuts and bolts of creating a choreography, and how to adjust a basic outline to different group sizes and stage types. 


POSSIBLY meeting outside this spring!

Once you have some vocabulary under your hip-scarf, it's time to learn to say something with it!  Oryantale dance is the music made visible, these classes practice and refine what you've learned so far, while building your recognition of rhythms, song structure, and instruments, along with your confidence and staging skills.



Wednesdays evenings Via Zoom

email us if you want to join!

Mixed Level Drills and Technique

Rotating Instructors

This 60 minute class is like a bellydance study hall! Teachers change every week, while following the same class format, allowing you to see improvement in key skills while getting a variety of perspectives and styles.  We work on different drills for technique, finger cymbals, transitions, and improvisation. Students qualified for levels 2 and up are welcome. 

Mixed level drills classes are like oriental dance study hall! Your teachers will include exercises and games they don't have time for in regular level classes, and you can hone your skills at your own pace.