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If you want more information on what you will learn in each level of classes, and what you should know/be able to do before enrolling, check out the "Leveled Skills checklist"


Wednesdays  |  6:00-7:00
Classes are ongoing, with no units

@All For the Love of Dancing 305 S. Main St. N. Syracuse

Mixed Level Drills and Technique

Rotating Instructors

This 60 minute class is like a bellydance study hall! Teachers change every week, while following the same class format, allowing you to see improvement in key skills while getting a variety of perspectives and styles.  We work on different drills for technique, finger cymbals, transitions, and improvisation. 

During the first 6 classes, we will teach a choreography to a unique version of Alf Leyla W Leyla, featuring 3 different styles! 

Variety is the spice of life, so come spice up your dance with a variety of teachers!

Mixed level drills classes are like oriental dance study hall! Your teachers will include exercises and games they don't have time for in regular level classes, and you can hone your skills at your own pace.



Mondays   |   6:45-7:45 PM

Next Unit: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1 |  Following unit starts 5/8

@ Tai Chi Revolution in Eastwood

*masks required

Introductory BellyDance (traditional style)

With Lisa Lumina

That voice saying 'you can't do this' is a liar. 

Every class introduces a few of those fascinating isolations (yes, your body DOES move that way!) with a focus on building good movement habits for safe technique, so you can keep dancing into old age. We put those moves into combinations and cover basic dance skills, such as finding the beat (yes, it CAN be learned!) and beginning to improvise. 


Four mini sessions, of 5 weeks each, build on each other. After the first 20 weeks, finger cymbals are gently introduced. During the third repetition of the 4 units, students learn to play basic cymbal patterns while dancing. You can start at the beginning of any of the 5-week units. Come cut loose, meet some new friends, gain strength, and discover the amazing things your body can do!

Just like learning vocabulary for a new language, this level breaks down movement to build safe technique that will keep you dancing into (or out of) old age. We also get you started on developing your sense of rhythm, building confidence for improvisation, and some of the teachers even gently introduce the iconic finger cymbals! 


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