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Feeling stuck? Working on a special piece? Want to learn about a topic but don't have enough classmates for a group class? Just need some one-on-one attention? Many of our teachers are available for private lessons, as listed below. 


Coaching and Private Lessons

With Lisa

Lisa is a top choice for dancers who have experience and are looking to take control of their own style and learn to create their own dances. She is encouraging and breaks bellydance into component parts so that you can assemble them in your own way, always rooted in the cultures of origin, and with the goal of organically developing dance that feels good for your body and your heart. 

Up your bellydance game with private lessons and personalized coaching from Lisa. Learn to ground your technique, add cultural context to your dance education, work on how to interpret the music and creating your own dances, or have a custom choreography made just for you and your goals!


Coaching and Private Lessons

With Liz

As a dancer and teacher, she believes dance is for every body. She strives to provide an inclusive environment where her students can express themselves through the joy of dance, and can learn new ways to engage the mind and body through the unique experience of group improvisational belly dance.

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