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Liz, Events director

As a dancer and teacher, I believe dance is for every body.
I strive to provide an inclusive environment where my students can express themselves through the joy of dance, and can learn new ways to engage the mind and body through the unique experience of group improvisational belly dance.

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Teachers Liz Has

Studied With 

Teachers I’ve Studied With (Long Term/Repeated Workshops):

Diana Miranda (Relativity BellyDance)
Robyn Buyskes (Buffalo Fusion Belly Dance)
Maia Alexandra
Gaitrie Subryan (Devi Bollywood Performing Arts)
Rina Orellana
Jo Boring (Belly Set Go)
Tessa Meyers (Belly Set Go)

Teachers I’ve Studied With (Weekend Workshops, etc)

Amel Tafsout

Labonee Mohanta

Colette Todorov
Megha Gavin
Jill Parker
Zoe Jakes
Sylvia Salamanca


Palm Trees

Emerald Starling Belly Dance is directed by Liz Hennessy in Syracuse, NY.


Liz began taking Raqs Sharqi and American Cabaret belly dance with Habibi of the Nile in Buffalo, NY in 2012. Soon after, she discovered group improvisational belly dance and fell in love! She has studied with Diana Miranda and performed with her troupe, Relativity BellyDance of Buffalo, NY, since 2013.

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