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Level One: Figure 8 Unit, Class 1

Updated: Mar 20

Class Review Arms can be used to balance and frame your moves, but with Egyptian style there is no required arm position for any given isolation. When practicing hip bumps, use your glutes to catch the movement and protect your hip joints. For the twisting shimmy keep your lower abs engaged, chest up, and breath. During an Arabesque take care to protect your knee, and keep your core engaged for balance, put your foot down with intention in order to stay on the beat.



This week, a little bit from my site about the very early history of bellydance. What is now recognized as bellydance is generally considered to have started in the supper clubs and music halls in the 1920s, but it did not spring up from nowhere, it had centuries of entrainment traditions that laid the foundation.



Our dance is the music made visible, but don’t mistake that for the music bossing you around. Just as we can’t control what life throws at us but can control how we react, you are free to interpret the music as you experience it.

One of the queens, Dina. You can see how she and the musicians create a great show together. One of the great things about live music is that a good band will catch you if you make a mistake, and this collaboration can take place.

Or, you can just make your own music ^_~

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