• Lisa Lumina

Level One: Undulations Unit, Class 4

Updated: Mar 20

Class Review

Great Job! Remember, to be patient with yourself, we built up to some challenging moves! Again, keep an eye on your lower back during a 1hip figure 8, try to relax during the bellyroll, and work the choo-choo shimmy when you're well hydrated and ready for some cardio. For the barrel turn, only lean as far as you feel well supported, and you can always fake it with "airplane arms" that make the lean for you.



Remember when I said “If I can learn it, you can learn it”? Here’s a blog about how bellydance can help us overcome our perceived limitations. Improvisation is especially helpful in this regard. There is a saying that "A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings."



Thanks to being culturally taboo to publicly perform, bellydancers get to exercise their sass.

You can also use bellydance to show strength in a creative (as opposed to destructive), dancing with a sword, instead of fighting with it, embodies this for some.

Another benefit to breaking taboos is getting to have fun, performing bellydancers bring joy, and also get to play with the audience.

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