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Level One:Undulations Unit, Class 2

Updated: Mar 20

Class Review

When practicing your undulations be very aware of your lower back, and control the flow before letting yourself duck-tail. When twisting be sure to maintain neutral pelvis, lift the chest and breathe to avoid cramps. The "hungry-hungry-hippos" step should link the foot and the chest lifting together.



For this week, let's start widening our understanding of the MENAHT area! Every 4 weeks these same links will come up, click around on Wikipedia and get to learn how diverse the Middle East, North Africa, Helenic areas, and Turkey are. Another good acronym to know is SWANA, which stands for South West Asia and North Africa. All of these regions have influenced the development of bellydance, and future classes will get into how, so having an understanding of the region is important.


Bellydancers are still finding more ways to bring the music to life, including this fusion prop, called a fan veil. This isn extra large version created for the dancer in the clip, Victoria Teel.

When the music is a fusion, the dance should be as well. Likewise, if the dance is a fusion, the music should include the same elements.

In terms of the energy they are known for, Turkish style tends to have more sass and haughtiness. They also do floorwork more often than Egyptian dancers, and the Turkish style had a big influence on bellydance in America during the 60s and 70s.

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