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Level One: Infinities Unit, Class 3

Class Review

Today we learned the "snake" undulation, AKA side to side undulation by linking upper and lower body figure 8s, remember to keep your pelvis in neutral. For the twisting shimmy, again engage and keep yourself neutral to protect your lower back.


One of the beautiful things about bellydance is it gives a place for women to have community. This piece is from the e-Zine Gilded Serpent written by Artemis about that, and the author sometimes comes to Ithaca to teach workshops on Turkish style.

While bellydance is generally dominated by women, there is a long history of men bellydancing as well, both socially and professionally. While I am very opposed to the trend, specifically in the competition world, for dancers to chase validation from male teachers and judges, men are a welcome part of the community, and there are some amazing male performers doing both folklore and orientale dance.


Student performances frequently are seen in groups (safety in numbers ^_~), however sometimes you do see troupe performances past the student level, like this fusion piece.

Usually the dance is performed solo, and the community Artemis talked about is gained through shared experiences.

Ozgen Turkish dancer famous for his Orientale (this clip) and his Romani folklore (the non-racial slur way to refer to "gypsies") performances. He sometimes comes to the US to teach, too.

Men don't often bellydance professionally, but do commonly dance in folk dance troupes, spiritual dance groups, as well as socially, as in this clip.

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