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Level One: Circle Unit, Class 4

Updated: Mar 20

Class Review

Great job tonight! For the big hip circle, remember to support yourself all the way around with your core muscles. For the interior hip circle your hips should tilt, it will feel like a little mini sit-up ^_~. When turning, practice with and without spotting, keep your core engaged and your legs strong for balance, and take a second to settle your vestibular fluid if you start feeling dizzy.



I want you all to find your own voice. Shems articulates well how all this movement vocabulary fits into learning how to dance and I hope it makes it clearer why I teach things in parts, so you can assemble them in a way that expresses yourself



A NYC dancer named Morocco did research on the birthing rituals of Moroccan tribes as one possible contribution to how bellydance formed, of course it's just one possible influence, but for many women this connection gives the dance more meaning.

One of the things that has happened over the years is that, as bellydance has spread, different styles developed. Lotus Niraja’s style is influenced by Egyptian and Lebanese, but what stands out, and what I love her for, is her amazing sass.

Since it is a performing art in a cultures that are participatory between audience and performer there are many ways the audience will show their appreciation: from clapping and cheering to tipping. Tipping is culturally appropriate and should always feel festive and wholesome, little kids are often sent up by their parents to give the dancer tips, which is adorable!

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