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Performances by Lisa Lumina

Each Syracuse belly dance show is fully customizable to suit your vision. To get inspiration for or your next Central New York area event check out some of the popular choices below!

Classic show

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When you think of bellydance, this is it! Just the thing for weddings, art shows, corporate events, dinner-and-a-show, or any other time your guest are ready for fun and dazzling entertainment. This full show can be tailored to your needs and usually consists of an entrance piece, suspenseful balancing dance, energetic drum solo, and finally a fun pop song to get the audience up dancing!


Runs 15-20 minutes for one set.

Women's Parties

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Perfect for bridal showers, sorority and bachelorette parties, baby showers, sweet sixteens, or girls night in. A short (5 to 10 minute) show inspires your guests and then a 30 minute lesson gets them bonding while learning an easy dance to a fun classic from a pro! Coin scarfs may be purchased (please notify Lisa at least 3 weeks in advance) to use and as souvenirs for your guests, or Lisa can bring loaner-scarves for use during the lesson.


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Do you want to surprise your guest of honor on their special day? This mini-show opens with a bang and brings that special sparkle to your party. This is a short version of the classic show consisting of a 5-7 minute set that will create plenty of memories for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come.


"You dance like we used to

back home!"

—  Lebanese Audience Member

Customization Ideas for a Full Show

You can choose from the folk dances below to bring a little earthy authenticity to your entertainment. We can create a folk-centered set, or any of these can be inserted into a Classic Show, it's up to you!

For full shows, a single balancing prop is usually used, if the dance space is appropriate. Choose from basket, tray and candles, shamaadan, or sword. Veil is used during most entrances, and Isis wings are available for full shows in larger spaces.
Please note that if the dance space is accessible to children or if the space is very tight Lisa reserves the right to not use the sword, and can replace live candles with electric if the house sprinkler system requires.



An earthy Egyptian home style that will have the urge to party sneaking up on your guests.



Khaleeji style is a groovy and luxurious dance from the Arabian gulf. Best fit into a classic or folk set


This rowdy, energetic style is a perfect party starter: a great way to round out a set and get your guests up to dance.



Saidi and Raqs Assaya (cane dance). Wow your guests with this Upper Egyptian favorite as canes swirl and the beat excites.



If you're looking for a hint of danger, sword can be added to a full show.


Traditional for Egyptian weddings, this showy prop can use live or electric candles, depeding on your venue's needs.



Always a show stopper, Isis Wings add a larger than life element to entrances and stage shows.


Whether you want to see some impressive balancing or have the birthday guest blow out the candles, this prop lights up the room.


Q. What type of music will be used?
A. Lisa has a collection of Egyptian, Greek, and Lebanese classical and pop music which can be chosen from to suit the needs of your event.

Q. Will Lisa Provide the music? 
A. Yes, the client should provide a sound system with CD playing capabilities. Louder is usually better. Lisa can provide a portable iPod player as a contingency.

Q. How far in advance should I schedule?
A. The sooner you schedule the more likely you will get the date you're looking for. Efforts will be made to accommodate short notices, but there is no guarantee that Lisa will be available.

Also, be aware that special requests require special preparation, so if you'd like specific songs or a different format to the show you'll need to book far enough in advance for Lisa to prepare. The lead time on this varies, so don't hesitate to ask about your ideas!

Q. What Props are available? 
A. Performances typically include veil work. The balance section of the full show can include either sword, or tray and candles, or basket upon request. Lisa also has a candelabra available for weddings, and Isis wings for large performance spaces. 

Q. Is the show appropriate for Children? 
A. Absolutely! Children love the sparkly costumes and chance to dance. Their fascination and lack of inhibitions often makes them the perfect ice-breakers. As William Stafford said "Children, they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."

Q. What is the appropriate way to tip a bellydancer?
A. Tipping is a welcome gesture, best manners for tipping include showering the bills over the dancers head in a "money shower", placing tips in her balancing basket, if used, or handing tips to her during or after the show. Tipping in the costume is not inappropriate if done in a respectful manner at either in the sides of the hip belt or in her arm bands; it should feel festive and wholesome, like decorating a Christmas tree! 

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