Level 4:


Students in these advanced class have been doing MENAHT dances for at least 4 years. They are either 7+year students interested in becoming professional performers, or are 4+year students who are curious about stage craft and the art of creating a show. We work on the different parts of an oryantale dance set, skills for working with your audience, projecting and protecting your energy, and more! 

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Performance Skills

With Lisa

Level 4 focuses on learning to perform the different parts of a professional set. The semesters cover: 

Entrances, Vintage American and Egyptian approaches

Am Cab veil and audience interaction

Floorwork and Folklore in a bellydance show's context
​Dum Solos and Finales


This level does not provide choreographies, however students have the option of preparing choreography or improvisation for feedback. Improvisation is encouraged for those who think they might want to gig, since performance conditions are generally unpredictable. Due to fewer students with an interest in becoming professional performers, these lessons are available as private and semi-private lessons. Contact Lisa to arrange the start of a course. 

What to know before this level

  • Students should feel comfortable dancing with a variety of props. These might include Isis wings, candelabra, cane, single veil, double veil, fan veil, tray, or sword, based on your interests. You do not need to be able to dance with ALL of these, but one veil and one balancing prop are a minimum.

  • You should know ABOUT the different styles of raqs sharki/oryantal dans, and about a variety of folk dances. 

  • You must be able to improvise and feel confident translating the music into movement and transitioning between movements.

  • Students should be able to play a few patterns on their finger cymbals, have a set of cymbals they like the sound of, and be able to play back a pattern if someone plays it to you (within reason. You won't be expected to repeat after a master dummer who is showing off!)

  • You should know which folk dances relate the the style(s) of bellydance you most enjoy doing.

  • You should be familiar with a variety of rhythms, and the Must Know Songs that were introduced throughout levels 2, 3, and the folklore semesters.