Level 3:


In this level, we let what you have learned so far sink into your body, while practicing old skills in new ways. Students get introduced to a variety of props, as well as ways to style bellydance for different music and settings. Just like our other classes, some classes focus on improvisation, and some build towards applying the skills in a choreography.


In person classes on hold

date, time, location TBD

Props and Music Genres

With Lisa

Levels 3, 4, and a Folklore Year are planned for the future, depending on student interest. These courses are offered as special series, with topics including : Tarab and Orientale, Tray, sword, and floorwork, Beledi and Awalim style, Double veil, fan veil, and wings.

Develop your technique, confidence, and musicality, while learning new skills that will come in handy in level 4, and give you even more context for your dancing!

What to know before this level

  • Students should be able to improvise for an entire song (even if you sometimes feel unsure of what to do next).

  • You should be able to transition between moves easily.

  • Students must be able to perform bellydance movement vocabulary with good posture, safe technique, and little concentration.

  • You should be able to dance with a veil (singular).

  • You should be able to find the phrases in a song, including identifying call and responses, and be able to map a song.

  • You should recognize different instruments and be able to identify the level 2 rhythms.

  • You must be familiar with the information in the Level 2 readings.