Level 1:


Just like learning vocabulary for a new language, this level breaks down movement to build safe technique that will keep you dancing into (or out of) old age. We also get you started on developing your sense of rhythm, building confidence for improvisation, and some of the teachers even gently introduce the iconic finger cymbals! 

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Saturdays in June (5, 12, 19, 26) at 10:00am

Joseph F. William Memorial Park

7033 Lakeshore Road, Cicero, NY

Group Improvisation, Fusion Bellydance

With Liz

Hosted through the Cicero Rec. Desk


Join Liz of Emerald Starling Belly Dance to learn the basics of Group Improvisation style belly dance - a fun, follow-along style dance that pulls inspiration from Middle Eastern, North African, Indian, and Flamenco styles. We'll learn slow and fast movements while enjoying the beautiful view of the lake!

$50 for Cicero, NY Residents, $55 for non-residents for the 4-week session; registration deadline is May 29


In-person date, time, and location

Fall, possibily Mondays, details TBD

Introductory Bellydance (Traditional Style)

With Lisa Lumina

That voice saying 'you can't do this' is a liar. 

Every class introduces a few of those fascinating isolations (yes, your body DOES move that way!) with a focus on building good movement habits for safe technique, so you can keep dancing into old age. We put those moves into combinations and cover basic dance skills, such as finding the beat (yes, it CAN be learned!) and beginning to improvise. 


Four mini sessions, of 4 weeks each, build on each other. After the first 16 weeks, finger cymbals are gently introduced. During the third repeitition of the 4 units, students learn to play basic cymbal patterns while dancing. You can start at the beginning of any of the 4-week units. Come cut loose, meet some new friends, gain strength, and discover the amazing things your body can do!

What to know before this level

These classes are designed to be complete introductions, and to set you up with the skills you will need for higher levels. If you can find where your leg is connected to your hip, and locate Egypt on a map, then you are ready to join us! Whether you’ve never danced sober in your life, or you’ve studied Western dances for years but are ready to make your first foray into Middle Eastern styles, this is the level for you!