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Drills and Rehersals

Mixed level drills classes are like oriental dance study hall! Your teachers will include exercises and games they don't have time for in regular level classes, and you can hone your skills at your own pace.

You can also find troupe rehearsal information on this  page. Please note each teacher's individual policy on troupe participation. 


time, dates, and location TBD

Pending for September

Mixed Level Drills and Technique

Rotating Instructors

This 60 minute class is like a bellydance study hall! Teachers change every week, while following the same class format, allowing you to see improvement in key skills while getting a variety of perspectives and styles.  We cover a variety of drills for technique, finger cymbals, transitions, and improvisation. Students qualified for levels 2 and up are welcome. 


In-person classes on hold.

date, time, location TBD

Nour al Amar Troupe Rehearsals

With Lisa

Intended for future Tuesdays. The first 1/2 hour is spent on rehearsing student troupe numbers, the second half of class is on general performance skills and feedback for things upper level students are working on, which all students can learn from.


on hold.

date, time, start TBD

Must Know Music Maps Mondays

With Lisa

This class is entirely web based, and designed to help students practice music mapping, as well as to encourage familiarity with famous songs often found in bellydance shows. We map a staple version of one song per week, then compare that map to different versions. This will prepare you to dance to live music and anticipate how different bands can change a songs arrangement or mood, and provides a great way to practice variations in your dancing. Students have the option of working with a map, and sharing a dance to the previous week's song at the beginning of class for feedback.

What to know before this level

  • Students must have familiarity with basic movement vocabulary and posture, although full fluency is not yet expected.

  • You should be able to find the 1 in an even count rhythm cycle with a strong down beat being played (for example, listen to a recording of the wahida rhythm, or saidi. Can you find where the rhythm cycle starts over at 1?)

  • Students should be familiar with the information in the Level 1 Reading.

  • You should be able to play gallop and running singles on finger cymbals.

  • You should be able to name some percussive moves, and some slow moves.

    • If only the last 2 bullets are new to you, you can either take a cycle of level 1 OR look at  the video home work, or take a private lesson to get prepare